About Us

Why do we choose to build homes, teach others and inspire change?

We want to help others…
and we want to create a better world.

Sounds naff we know, but wait till you understand why

Imagine a world where we’ve brought
The icebergs are back

The world is better because we’ve done something, we’ve all made a difference

Out of all the things in the world we could do, we choose to :

Make a dent in this world by inspiring 10,000 healthy homes

But why?

Simone and Sam found out that their time here is limited early on.

Sam had a debilitating, incurable disease called psoriatic arthritis.
He couldn’t walk for 3 days in his twenties..
– not even when I accidentally nearly burnt the house down with him lying in bed and he couldn’t get out to turn the stove off.

Simone thought she’d be a widow in her thirties.

It was a good wake-up call to get cracking
(they’ve even worked out how to ‘manage’ Sam’s disease now)

We knew we wanted to make a big difference fast

Sam loves building but it was killing him and making his health worse.

Simone on the other hand is a professional photographer having photographed VIPs, celebs, beautiful people like the Dalai Lama,
to the unknown people of third world countries.

If she wasn’t helping the world, building and supporting Sam,
she’d be horse riding in the Andes or Mongolia,
camping in the wilderness, or
photographing for National Geographic or the BBC,
or even photographing war zones, or helping to keep more animals alive
(Sam banned her from doing that when they first met).

So every single day that they’re building and helping people change the world

– one healthy home at a time –

it comes at great personal sacrifice. Sam’s health and their freedom to roam

So Instead, We’re choosing to 
Inspire beautiful, healthy homes – with great people

Create a community, that makes the world a better place, live an extra ordinary life

These homes are sustainable, energy efficient, have a low carbon footprint, are solar passive and healthy to live in.

Where ‘Integrity’ is at our core values and ethics.

This means:

  • They must be sustainable, energy efficient and healthy homes
    – good for our health and the planet
  • They’re beautiful, and are totally different to anything else, ‘wow’
  • We have fixed prices and time frames
  • They’re affordable
  • Professionally built, every home is award winning with the best quality
  • Built to a timeframe and set price – stress-free for owners
  • Fun experience for all – everyone loves the experience
  • We’ll go back to fix any problems
  • Continuously improve our service and product
  • Share what we know with others (to help them)

With these goals, we can honestly say we aim to remove any nasty surprises while building their home.

Why do we teach what we know? Most people hide all their knowledge from others. 

Because we’ve seen so many fatal mistakes that others have made

(with errors architects, builders, owner builders have done, or in the courtroom where things have gone really bad),

it’s not good for anyone.

There’s some fundamental things you need to do with these homes and when the ‘gurus’ or professionals sometimes 

get it wrong, it’s good to share what we know so you can learn from them.