Experienced Strawbale Builders

Sam Vivers is the Director of Viva Living Homes and has a LOT of experience in strawbale building:

Qualifications, Formal Training

  • Licensed Carpenter, Builder and Supervisor
  • Bachelor of Economics (Agriculture)
  • Diploma Building (studying Advanced Building Diploma now)
  • Diploma Sustainable Building (currently studying)
  • Cert IV – Training & Assessing
  • Building Thermal & Assessment @ Aust Building Sustainability Assoc (Australian energy rating course)
  • Tickets: Tag Testing Tools, Working at Heights, Waterproofing

Building Awards

  • Award winners in 2018, 2019 & 2020 Excellence in Building Awards, NSW Master Builders Association
  • Contract Houses up to $500,000, Excellence in Building, Master Builder’s Assoc 2014
  • Environmental Management, Master Builder’s Assoc 2014

Member of

  • Master Builders Association (MBA), we are a “Master Builder”
  • NSW Rep & Member of Australasian Straw Bale Building Association (Ausbale)
  • Member of Earth Building Assoc of Australia (EBAA)

Speaker and Teacher

  • Speaker at the HIA Sydney Home Show 2015, 2014, 2013 and 2012
  • Speaker at Australasian Strawbale Conference, Adelaide
  • Speaker/demonstrator at the Earth Building Conferences, Nowra 2015, 2014, 2013
  • Speaker New Zealand Strawbale Building Conference 2016
  • Conducts the straw bale demonstrations at the Mudgee Small Farm Field Days (2011-now)
  • Lectures in strawbale building at the Australian Rural Education Centre (AREC) in Mudgee
  • Lectures for Milkwood Permaculture running a Natural Earth Building Course (pending TAFE accreditation) to builders, architects, owner builders and councils from all over Australia
  • Conducts workshops involving the community for earth (cob, pise), straw bale building and rendering (lime and earth renders)
  • Lobby the government to set standards for straw bale building and rendering methods


  • 17 years+ building Strawbale homes and buildings (20+ years building experience)
  • Specialising in homes which are built with all natural materials: strawbales, light straw, cob/pise walls, rammed earth, poured earth, timber, stone, green roofs, earth floors.
  • Owner Builder on 4 of his own straw bale and earth homes. Lives in a straw bale home

Designed and built 50+ complete buildings for clients throughout NSW, ACT and QLD

The reason it’s good to work with one of the most experienced strawbale builders in the country is that you get consistent quality and for a known cost. This is what we pride ourselves on. We are constantly evolving and improving our techniques so that we get better each time we build.

Because we build a whole house, we know the total costs of a house and can work with you every step of the way to help you get the dream home you’re after._O0A2947