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Month: January 2017

How To Stop Budget Blowouts – Must See for Anyone Designing a Straw Bale Home

If you want to design and build a home to your budget easily – These essentials will tell you WHAT will blow your budget… Pavilion style where there are numerous buildings. This is because there are more external walls and roof area Large verandahs or decks as the materials are costly Internal wall heights are greater than 2460mm (working at heights is dangerous and time consuming which then affects the cost to build) A roof that cannot use trusses eg. Celestial windows or raked/exposed rafters The use of box gutters or rooves which can leak into a house (as...

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19 Red Hot Tips To Buy Great Land

There are a LOT of you looking to buy land right now. We felt compelled to give you what we’ve learnt with over 40+ homes that we’ve designed and built. We’ve been done council applications and quotes too many times to count and this is what we’ve seen makes THE best land purchase: Flat-ish is best. It saves having to build up the house to be able to start building. It also saves on the cost to build. If you’re on a slope, it can cost up to $30,000-$50,000+ more to build (time it takes to render and and...

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How to buy your dream block of land

When there isn’t anything on the market? Shannon, a potential client asked me this on New Years Eve. So did you know that realestate agents have a SECRET list of people who they call first, before the house goes on the market. yep it’s true How do I know? Because we’ve bought 4 properties like this Possibly 5! Sooo ‘how do you get on this list’ I hear you ask At home write down 10 reasons why the realestate agent should put you on their secret list Here are a few to start you off: you’re an investor and will...

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