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Month: February 2020

Do I Buy or Build a Home?

It’s good to ask yourself the question: “Do I buy or build a home?” there are many pros and cons. We’ve just summarise some of them for a quick guide to give you some options to consider. Just because we’re builders doesn’t mean we’re biased. We’ve done both ourselves. It’s more work with building, there’s no doubt about it. New builds can be less stressful than renovating (you don’t have to live on a building site and renovating from a builder’s perspective is very tricky and a lot of unknown elements come up. The cheapest option is buying an...

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How to Budget for Your House Build

You’d like to build and unsure where to start the process. Especially what to allow for in terms of cost and time. We recommend using this calculator to start. Ask your builder what their approximate cost to builder per square metre or where they sit on the scale from project/kit home builder to architectural high end finish. We also have a budget spreadsheet that can help prompt you with all of other items eg. geotech, surveyor’s fees, soil sediment, fencing, driveway, services, furniture and so...

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What Timbers to Get?

Quite often people ask to speak with Sam re what timbers he’d recommend for this or that. So we thought we’d write them up for everyone. This is general advice only and does not take into consideration your personal or building situation. We recommend seeking professional building advice from a licensed tradesperson. For Straw bale walls: Timber headers – 240x35mm hardwood Lintels – as they’re structural it depends on spas and timbers. Refer to the National Construction Code NCC free to download . Look up the tables depending on what you have for the thickness, and grades of timber...

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