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How to Build a New Home

That’s essentially your first question. There’s so much fear we’ve got around how and where to start building a home. These steps are more for those wanting to get a builder rather than for Owner Builders (or Self Builders). and you want a new home built for you. Building Steps, you can use this for any house build. Download the one we use for free from our website We print them out and then highlight them with a highlighter when they’re done It’s super easy to see what needs to be done then Budget spreadsheet Size does matter. Take...

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How to Design & Build a Sustainable Home

How To Design & Build a Sustainable Home It’s super easy. Anyone can build sustainably. Here’s a checklist to help you Building sustainably isn’t rocket science. Do what you can for the budget you have, what you can do yourself and what you have lying around. Many people believe energy & water efficient fittings or plantation materials are what makes a sustainable home. That’s just one part of the mix. Do what you can, include as many of these features as you can, so you can make a bigger impact. How to design & build a sustainable home, easy...

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How to Get a Construction Certificate

How do you get a Construction Certificate (CC)? Who to choose: a private certifier or council as your certifier. We’ve listed some pros and cons for you All in all, it can depend on who you get (so there’s not one solution that works everywhere). if you’ve know others who have built in your area, ask them what the certifier was like. Detail focussed or practical. One that you can work with or one that won’t work with you. Private Certifier (PC) You’ll need to get an “A1 or A2” PC if you’re building with natural materials (anything that’s...

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How to Find the Best Private Cerifier

How to find the best Private Certifier in NSW Australia for straw bale buildings and natural buildings Finding the best Private Certifier (PC) in your area is definitely achievable. We’ve written the tips that we use. We’d search high and low for reviews on them (by external 3rd parties) Get them to tell you other builders who use them, all call them. Ask them for their honest feedback on using them as a PC. What we look for & what questions to ask: That they aren’t overly detail focused (they are down to earth and work with you rather than...

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How To Stop Budget Blowouts – Must See for Anyone Designing a Straw Bale Home

If you want to design and build a home to your budget easily – These essentials will tell you WHAT will blow your budget… Pavilion style where there are numerous buildings. This is because there are more external walls and roof area Large verandahs or decks as the materials are costly Internal wall heights are greater than 2460mm (working at heights is dangerous and time consuming which then affects the cost to build) A roof that cannot use trusses eg. Celestial windows or raked/exposed rafters The use of box gutters or rooves which can leak into a house (as...

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