The Tricks They Don’t Want to Tell you

Do you need and why would you create a clean and green home?

Discover the 8 Elements of a Clean & Green Healthy Home

1. Moisture, humidity, Dry & Mould
See how mould and moisture can trigger asthma symptoms

2. Clean Home

Dust and contaminants, cleanable surfaces

Reduce clutter, easy to clean

3. Safe Home is a Great Home
People with chemical sensitivities, auto immune issues and aesthma have to deal with these issues on a daily basis. We’ve scoured through the actual research that big corporations don’t want you to know about.

What’s the effect of mobile phones, microwaves and chemicals have on your health and your family’s health.

Store chemicals safely 

Chemicals (VOCs)

Electromagnetic waves

4. Contaminants

Smoke / Carbom monoxide / Argon gas

Off gassing


5. Pest

6. Ventilation

7. Maintenance

8. Energy & Water Efficient

Water tanks with filtered water for drinking or for bathrooms, gardens, laundry, kitchen as well as for fire fighting where needed

Energy gauges showing you where you use the most amount of energy

There are also temp meter