It’s good to ask yourself the question: “Do I buy or build a home?” there are many pros and cons. We’ve just summarise some of them for a quick guide to give you some options to consider. Just because we’re builders doesn’t mean we’re biased. We’ve done both ourselves. It’s more work with building, there’s no doubt about it. New builds can be less stressful than renovating (you don’t have to live on a building site and renovating from a builder’s perspective is very tricky and a lot of unknown elements come up.

The cheapest option is buying an unrenovated property and renovating it yourself, that’s if you have the time, skills, supportive family.

The easiest option is buying an existing home that is perfect for you (this can be difficult to find, especially one that is healthy, sustainable and energy efficient. It’s almost impossible).

The best way is to find a builder you like and trust to design and create your dream home. Here are some other things to consider:

Bank approval & govt grants
Cheaper/known amount?
Council Approvals ?
New home, exactly what you want ?
New home, energy efficient/super insulated ?
New home, no issues eg. mould, moisture ?
Time (takes longer to design & build) ?
Stress/Home Life. Depends on the
home or builder
Services available ?