That’s essentially your first question.

There’s so much fear we’ve got around how and where to start building a home.

These steps are more for those wanting to get a builder rather than for Owner Builders (or Self Builders).
and you want a new home built for you.

  1. Building Steps, you can use this for any house build.
    Download the one we use for free from our website
    We print them out and then highlight them with a highlighter when they’re done
    It’s super easy to see what needs to be done then
  2. Budget spreadsheet
    Size does matter. Take charge of the size of your home cause it will affect your budget.
    Simple designs are more cost effective.Project homes are around $1,500 per square metre ($300k*)
    Builder designed homes are around $2500-$3500 ($600k*)
    Architectural homes start at $3,300. In Sydney they go to around $8,000 per square metre (Minimum from $700k*)

    *So a ‘normal’ family home is around 180-200 square metres that’s what the cost of the house is
    Allow an extra $30,000-$50,000 for site and professional fees on top of the build costs

    In the budget spreadsheet you can work out using these rates how big your home should be
    depending on what type of build you want


  3. Finances

Time to get real. Get pre-approval on what you can borrow so you know your budget

Don’t move on from this step until you get pre-approval, have sorted your cash out.

Otherwise you’re “dreamin” as they say in the movie “The Castle”

4. Style and ideas

The fun part. Start to get 10 photos of what you want your home to look like from the outside and inside

Look around the world, your suburb, what do you really want in 1 photo?
Do a pinterest or instagram album for each room. Get down to 1 photo in each room for the overall look
Yes you can have anything you want! Just mind the size of your house.
In fact if you go to the pics of our homes. Whatever you can dream up, you can create.
We just suggest you get the help of a designer so it doesn’t look like a dog’s breakfast.

 Why pay all of this money just for it to look average? or not quite right.
Where you or your friends and family think “it’s nice, shame about…”

5. Plans. There are many options, but here’s the best 3 we suggest –

i) Predesigned plans, see what plans are already out there. Get set prices for the builder to build

ii) Custom home designed with a builder and draftperson

iii) Custom home designed by architect

If you’ve got a so-called ‘friend’ to draw for you, pay them, don’t do free. Why?

because they won’t do it in a timely fashion and they’ll begrudge all of your ‘little changes’

We’d suggest do option ii) and then hire an architect for their ideas.
Cheaper, quicker, more affordable if you have a budget under $1m to build
Top quality builders have great drawers these days

  1. A builder for you
    – Ask around who others have used and LOVE. They recommend them and loved the experience. Building should be enjoyable.How to choose a great builder or subcontractor:
    * See 3 homes and get some 1 on 1 time with the owners to speak with the owners. They’ll tell you the truth in private
    * Important questions to ask about: quality, time, sticking to budget, communication, the team, cleanliness
    * You’re in a relationship with them for a year or two in design and building so you need to trust one another
    * Look out for provisional sums or allowances in their quotes, make sure they’re realistic
    * What are their public ratings and reviews? if they don’t have any be vary wary
    * Ask their subcontractors what they’re like to work with, they’ll tell you if they pay them, are level-headed and a good operator