When there isn’t anything on the market?

Shannon, a potential client asked me this on New Years Eve.

So did you know that

realestate agents have a SECRET list of people who they call first,

before the house goes on the market.

yep it’s true

How do I know?

Because we’ve bought 4 properties like this

Possibly 5!

Sooo ‘how do you get on this list’

I hear you ask

  1. At home write down 10 reasons why the realestate agent should put you on their secret list

Here are a few to start you off:

  • you’re an investor and will sell the property so they get TWO lots of commission
  • you’re going to rent out the property so they’ll get the rental commissions
  • you want to buy your dream property and have friends wanting to sell their land or buy into the area

2. Meet realestate agents face to face

3. Be likeable, listen to them and let them know exactly what you’re after

4. Ask them if they’ll call you as soon as they hear of anything like that.

5. Stay in touch with them regularly

6. Put diary reminders in to remind you to contact them

7. Send them a card and be thoughtful

8. Do a search on realestate websites. Subscribe to them to send you an email with new listings

9. When something comes up… And it will, move on it immediately. Act swiftly

10. Do an inspection, do another, do your checklist, contact council, read the contract, find out the zoning, get a building inspection, check out the costs to get the services and driveway to the house

Put an offer in if you love it

11. Get your finance sorted BEFORE searching for land. Know exactly what you’ll get approved for, get pre-approval

12. Visualise living on your dream property, in your dream home. Live in it, feel it, believe it can happen.

And it will happen

Happy hunting and happy buying!