How to find the best Private Certifier in NSW Australia for straw bale buildings and natural buildings

Finding the best Private Certifier (PC) in your area is definitely achievable.

We’ve written the tips that we use.

We’d search high and low for reviews on them (by external 3rd parties)

Get them to tell you other builders who use them, all call them.

Ask them for their honest feedback on using them as a PC.

What we look for & what questions to ask:

  • That they aren’t overly detail focused (they are down to earth and work with you rather than against you)
  • Are responsive (they have people in their office to help with admin while the inspector(s) is out on site doing inspections) What kind of notice do they need 1-2 days preferable 3 days max
  • Would they have any specific times they’d prefer (one certifier prefers afternoons)
  • Get a quote from them for doing the CC.
  • See if they have a checklist (you want them to help you through the process not just expect you to know it all)
  • Look for ‘A1 certifier’ (they can do the alternate building solutions in the national construction code which is where natural building and straw bale building sits in the building regulations)

* Disclaimer: This is not building advice or an advisory service. This is our unique situation and you’ll need to consult with a licensed builder or trades person for your individual situation.

A Private Certifer is someone that can approve your plans for construction (Construction Certificate).