How do you get a Construction Certificate (CC)?
Who to choose: a private certifier or council as your certifier.

We’ve listed some pros and cons for you

All in all, it can depend on who you get (so there’s not one solution that works everywhere).
if you’ve know others who have built in your area, ask them what the certifier was like.

Detail focussed or practical.

One that you can work with or one that won’t work with you.

Private Certifier (PC)

You’ll need to get an “A1 or A2” PC if you’re building with natural materials
(anything that’s not standard building is considered ‘alternate building solution’)

If the PC is a one person operation, it’s more challenging to get them onto site quickly.

If they’re a one person business/operation, it can be a little harder getting the paperwork and good communication from them.¬†Usually cost (PCs are about $1000 extra)

If council are being a little painful during the Development Application (DA) process, it can be a good indicator to go with a PC.


Some councils are a bit more relaxed with the certificates below

They both usually show up on time (12-24 hours notice)

New legislation has come through whereby you have to provide certificates for all parts of the build

(it’s now like a commercial building whereby other ‘qualified’ or ‘licensed professionals’ have to certify they’ve done work according to the building code)

As an owner builder it’s your responsibility to ensure you or your trades build to the building code

(national construction code and Australian Standards)

and that you get these certificates if asked for them.

You may want to check that you get these certificates before you pay in full.

Remember, you can’t withhold money from your subcontractors so you need to communicate openly together.

  • Shower screen installation
  • Smoke detector
  • Waterproofing all wet areas
  • Glazing/window certificate
  • Plumbing drainage diagram
  • Gas certificate
  • Insulation certificate
  • Pest control/termite certificate
  • Engineer’s certificate
  • Water tank structural certificate
  • Wood heater certificate
  • You may need a septic installation certificate
  • BASIX certificate letter (to show you’ve built to the Basix certificate)
  • Sometimes a bushfire certificate to say you’ve built to the code (if you’re in a bushfire zone)
  • Landscaping plan/landscape management plan if you’re in an environmentally sensitive area
  • Arborist report (who will check that you haven’t taken down other trees than you were approved to)
  • Drainage certificate
  • Swimming pool

IMPORTANT: Read the DA Conditions.
This is critical as these conditions will stop you from getting final occupancy if you don’t do them. If they say they want xxx then do it or they may not issue you the final certificate.

Blogs are supposed to be light and easy. We know you want good info so sorry if it’s too meaty for a blog.

Abbreviations (words may change depending on your state or country)

Private certifier (PC). Construction certificate (CC). Development Application (DA)


Please seek professional advice as this is general advice only. It does not take into consideration your personal circumstances, your region, building laws or site.