Here’s a quick 1 minute video on how to protect your windows. It’s easy.

Our joiner allows for a 2% timber shrinkage after it’s been installed.
Old or recycled timbers can shrink even more if they haven’t been kiln dried. We’ve seen 10% or more which can leave cracks or warping of timber. Factors such as ensuring the wood has dried evenly and slowly is the key.

That’s why kiln dried timber is more stable than timber left out in the weather. Timber drying out unevenly and quickly will tend to warp and split (the cells need to all shrink at the same time to keep it’s shape).
You can reduce shrinkage and warping by:

1. Drying timber professionally – slowly and evenly
Dry timbers in a kiln or… allowing at least 1 year for every 25mm of thickness of the timber (depends on type of tree)

2. Maintain your external timbers (decks, posts) and windows.
Ensuring that the wood continues to dry slowly and evenly for years to come
It’s vital to protect your external windows from UV sun, the weather and rainfall with shading or cover.
Ensure it’s sealed well by:

– For oil-based sealers apply a UV clear protection coat (we recommend 2 coats of Sikkens Cetol Filter 7 or as per manufacturer’s specs) It also puts a satin finish on, protects it from UV and slows the drying process. It’s easier to clean as an added bonus.

– IMPORTANT Re-apply your oil or water-based sealer.
We use Sikkens HLS Light Oak sealer when it starts to dull (this varies depending on where it is)

– For water-based sealers reapply before it flakes (we use Intergrain)

Note: North facing timbers are affected more by UV and weather than south facing windows and doors.

Chat with your specialist tradespeople before you use recycled materials to find the best solution and work out what %movement to allow. The environment, climate (humid versus dry climate zones or areas make a big difference), positioning and aspect also make big differences to how it weathers. Hope this info from our joiner helps you when planning your own home

– how to prepare your windows and protect them