Straw “bale-up” & Rendering Workbee
22-25 March 2012 8am-5pm

in Gemalla (near Bathurst)


Want to learn how to build a strawbale home and get experience? There’s a workbee where you will learn how it’s done, while also helping us with the work. You’ll get ‘hands on’ experience!

You’ll learn how to lay the strawbales on a slab, how to bale up, tie down the bales, work in with doorways and windows, install render stops and flashings as well as how to prepare for rendering. If we get enough work done then we will do a coat of render as well. Internal renders are earth and external are lime. You’ll just need to bring boots, work clothes and a keen spirit for working and learning. We’d love to see you, just book in with Deb Barton, preferably via e-mail, or mobile phone 0428 890 595. They will advise of directions to site, advise of local accommodation options and any other necessary details at that stage.

Please book as soon as possible as places are limited.


What to bring for work: Please bring closed (work) shoes, gloves, long sleeve shirts, long trousers, some warm clothes for chilly mornings & evenings, a hat, sunscreen, insect repellent and a water bottle.


Camping on site is possible. BYO tent, sleeping gear, torch, other necessary camping gear and breakfast and dinner. Basic toilet facilities are on site. Accommodation also at the Tarana Pub, 7 kilometres from Gemalla: Main Street Tarana Ph: 02 6337 5841

We hope you can join us for this exciting event.


Mudgee Small Farm Field Days

The Strawbale demonstrations we did at this year’s Field Days. We demonstrate ‘baling up’, what the strawbales sit on to prevent them from rotting, how to tension them down, how the roof can work in with the strawbales and 1st, 2nd and 3rd coats of earth or lime renders. If you missed out last year, be sure to put 13th and 14th July on your 2012 calendar



Sustainable House Day
calling those who have a strawbale and earth home or want to see one

“Sustainable House Day” is coming up soon on Sunday the 9th of September. People generously open up their homes on that day (for a few hours) to show visitors examples of energy efficient homes/ conversions/ extensions, alternative energy techniques, greywater solutions, Gardens, examples of states of self sufficiency and much more – and we have noticed that there is not a single strawbale home registered in the event, we hope you agree with us that this is a bit disappointing.


In 2010 we opened up our own home to around 250 people. It goes to show what a small world we live in. It’s also a great way to meet like minded people who are into straw and earth building.


 We would love to see some of our beautiful homes showcased, not to promote us, but to promote strawbales as a valuable and fantastic building material for energy efficient homes, responsible use of resources, smaller environmental footprints, comfort & beauty……… – and most of you can also demonstrate examples of alternative energy techniques, gardens, passive solar designs – great examples of SUSTAINABILITY consciously chosen by you.

So, if you have a little bit of time on that day and can provide the opportunity to share & show, then please visit  and click on the House Location menu for the Expression of Interest form.


For those who don’t have an earth homes yet, check out the website and see if there are any strawbale and earth homes close to you.

Earth Rendering Work Bee
11th, 12th &13th June 8am-5pmFor all of you who would like to learn about sustainable earth and straw homes and how to render them, our client is running a work bee weekend. It is free of charge, morning & afternoon tea is provided as is lunch each day. In exchange for your labour you will gain hands on experience in rendering straw/earth walls.You’ll learn how the home has been built (it’s a ‘light straw’ home which is a mix between strawbale and cob walls. Internal renders are earth and external are lime), see how cob walls are built and how to render earth and straw walls. You’ll just need to bring boots, work clothes and a keen spirit for working and learning.jpeg