PopUp a Granny Flat Fast

The World’s Greenest Granny Flat.
For Dreamers Who Change the World

Small enough to fit in your backyard.

Big enough to live your dreams

Smart enough to save on energy bills and… the world

Easy to buy. Just choose if you want to build it yourself
Or, we can build it for you. Your choice.

There’s more to them than meets the eye…

Uncompromising energy efficiency to warm and cool you naturally.

Imagine being so cool in summer – people think the air con is on.
You’ll be cosy warm in winter with the sun.

So sustainable and solar passive it’ll blow your mind.

They’re healthy, natural and will last a lifetime.


Just choose to DIY or we’ll build it for you.


Create a dream-world in your backyard.

How it Works

Our straw bale granny flats use straw bale panels which are 255mm wide.  One side is clad, the other side is rendered. 

STEP 1 Choose your size:

a) 34m2 granny flat
b) 60m2
c) custom, use your own design

The fastest, most affordable option is our design because it’s been tested and
Yes you can change the internal layouts of our designs. 

STEP 2 Choose how you want it built:
a) We send you all of the materials as a kit (you build it DIY as an Owner Builder or with your Builder)
b) We build it for you

STEP 3 Choose your finish:
a) Clad or render on the exterior walls
b) Clad or render on the interior walls
c) External walls clad and the interior walls earth renders (easiest, fastest and most affordable option)

The panels come shipped to site with ply on one side and 1 coat of render on the other side as the standard most affordable option

STEP 4 Do you need to learn how to build it?
You can do our 14 week Online Granny Flat course.
Just watch and follow the pre-recorded videos, use our checklists, gantt chart, pricing schedule


34m2 Strawbale Granny Flat DIY

granny flat

Granny Flat Plan

Straw Bale Granny Flat 60m2





















If you’re seriously interested, tell us more about your granny flat dream