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PopUp a Granny Flat Fast

The World’s Greenest Granny Flat.
For Dreamers Who Change the World

Small enough to fit in your backyard.

Big enough to live your dreams

Smart enough to save on energy bills and… save the world

Easy to buy – we build, or you build it yourself

There’s more to them than meets the eye…

Uncompromising energy efficiency to warm and cool you naturally.

Imagine being so cool in summer – people think the air con is on.
You’ll be cosy warm in winter with the sun.

So sustainable and solar passive it’ll blow your mind.
Think 8 or 9 energy rated stars (out of 10)

They’re healthy, natural and will last a lifetime.


Just choose to DIY or we’ll build it for you.


Create a dream-world in your backyard.

The Essential Straw Bale Home Building Consumer Guides…

Four ‘must-have’ Reports When Building Any Straw Bale Home, Studio or Granny Flat

#1 The 65 Fundamental Building Steps
#2 Viva’s “Lickity Split” 2 Bedroom Plans
#3 Two Proven Lime Render Recipes
#4 Vital Budgeting Spreadsheet

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