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# Natural Homes

# Trees Saved

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Share Your Story & How You’ll Change the World

  • how Viva has inspired you to start your own natural home?

Our dream is to inspire the building of 10,000 natural homes in the world.

IMAGINE the world if we could all do this.

The impact of natural homes is big.

We could reduce global warming, our carbon footprint, and our families would live in healthier homes

that’s just the start….


So if you’re wanting to make a positive dent to this world, start your natural building journey by

sharing your story.

You can tell your friends and family so they know WHY you’re doing it.

Who knows… maybe you’ll inspire them to start living an extraordinary life.

Your Story

We have wanted a straw bale home for over 10 years. And now it has happened. Our home is fantastic, exactly as we had imagined. We love it, thanks so much for helping us live our dream

Deb & Ben


I was inspired to build a straw bale home after seeing a photo of a Viva Living Home on facebook prompted my imagination. I’m based in Western Australia so sadly they can’t build mine but they have helpfully provided information about others who may be able to help. Thanks to VLH I now know what is achievable and i’m committed to making my natural home become a reality – thanks, Claire WA