Have You Got What it Takes to be an “A Team” crew member?

We’ve got a red hot Viva “A Team” who’s motto is fun, flexible and financially rewarding.
They love what they do, have fun, independent but work together to build beautiful homes. So we love adding brilliant people.

We’d love experienced carpenters and renderers/plasterers (min. 3 years experience as a carpenter). Our current team will love you if:

You’re practical, efficient, a fast learner, self motivated and can set your own goals.
You love doing a great job the first time. You’ve got stamina and can keep up with us (we love working).
Oh, and you’ll take action, have initiative and have a sense of humour who can work in a hard working team.

You’ll think about what is needed next for those they’re working for and give it to them before they know it.
You can work day in day out doing the same task or a multitude of tasks and not complain.

You’re fit, healthy, strong, take responsibility for your own safety and those around you.
You’re strong mentally and emotionally and can change, we’re constantly evolving and growing.

Our Promise to You

You’ll build inspiring homes that change the world
With natural, healthy materials
Be in remote, beautiful locations
Work with a great team and clients
Your skills will grow and we’ll help you achieve your work and personal goals
Make it financially rewarding for you
We have ‘Viva Days’ (a bit of work with some fun)

Are you looking for camp fires or a career?

Every week someone wants to join our team. We’ve found that those who have come from a conventional building background and worked on building sites are more likely to last with us. Some people who are ‘greenies’ have been able to learn fast and work hard. Yes we have women and men working on site.

It’s not easy work, yes we’re natural builders, but essentially we’re driven by deadlines for clients and you need to be efficient and good at what you do.
You’re often away from home and live on site in tricky conditions. Your family will miss you and for some, can’t do without you.

If your dream is to sit around camp fires and be a part of a beautiful warm, calm community, then do one of our workshops.
That’s where you be a part of something life changing and awaken your spirit and dreams.
Are you unsure of what you want to do with your life?
and want to try building because you love working with earth?

Then do our workshops, you may not like working with us.

Working with us day in and day out, the rest of the year is plain and simple, long hard days of work.  

This is real work on a building site. 

If you still think you’re ready to be on our “A Team” then do these steps… 

  1. Do a workshop with us (meet us and see what it’s like and we can meet you)
  2. Do one of our courses (show you want to learn and will do what it takes to grow and learn)
  3. Click here and fill out this form and tell us about you, what you want and what you’ve done>
  4. We’ll hook up via a video and you can do some skills projects to see how you are with your hands, solving problems and working with people
  5. Then we’ll see if you can do housekeeping/paperwork