Viva Panels Ready Built • Naturally

Creating your new home is a breeze with Viva Panels. Uncover the ideal wall solution. Our external walls are delivered to your site fully rendered or ready to clad with your preferred cladding, and equipped with all necessary services, making your construction process remarkably easy.

Why Choose Viva Panels?

  • Environmentally Friendly: Low Waste, low carbon-footprint & natural materials
  • Fire Rating: Tested by the CSIRO to BAL29, FRL120/120/120 (equivalent to BAL FZ)
  • Fast: Pre-fabricated Panels for quick on-site installation, saving you time & money.
  • Simple:  The hard work is done for you, external walls are ready for the roof, windows and services as soon as they are installed.
  • Versatile: You can opt for modern finishes or go for a more traditional look.

Viva Panels are a complete wall system. They arrive on site pre-rendered, with services ready for rough-in.

As a builder (we’ve built over 60 straw bale homes), we save so much money and time as rendering straw bales is time consuming.

  • They’re faster to install
  • Less logistics organising suppliers and trades
  • Less exposed to weather
  • We’ve saved at least 6 weeks on a build
  • Reduces problems on site
  • Reduces the thinking on site by the team, they’re a product they just have to ship to site
  • Less experienced people can be on site, as it’s a system
  • You can clad or render
  • The only work to do is final render coat or cladding
  • Services are already roughed-in
Finished Wall Thickness & Height
Starting at 260mm up to 450mm, any height up to 3.6 metres
Panels can be installed on slabs or bearer and joists floor systems
Two Storey
Two storey buildings can be built using these panels
However, the downstairs walls cannot be structural, they have to be post and beam at this stage.
The structural capacity of each standard sized panel is 10.9kN so in most applications no further wind bracing, or structural reinforcement is necessary. An engineer’s certificate is provided for the manufactured panels. The Builder will need to comply to manufacturer’s specifications and provide the installation certificate
Window Sizes & Heights
We design the panels around your windows and doors so you can use any size and they can be any height.
Window Lintels & Sills
Load-bearing lintels can be made to sit above or below windows
Lintel beams are usually no less than 200mm
Sills can be any height.
Viva Panels can be used with any roof system.
Eaves are essential to protecting rendered walls for the long term. We recommend 400-600mm eaves (on rendered walls and no eaves required on clad walls, depending on solar gain required.
Electrics/GPO Panels
All power outlets and light switches are provided for with conduits running vertically from the ceiling space to wall boxes installed during production. The walls are already prepared for “rough-in” and electrical “fit-out”.
Internal Finishes
Panels are shipped to site with your choice of internal finish. They’re ready for your choice of cladding, whether that be render, plywood, plasterboard or any other finish you want.
The panels are screwed together with batten screws at 600 centres up the inside frame.
They sit over and are fixed to a track (‘toe-up’) that is pre-fixed to the slab or bearers and joists
Insulation Value
R4.1 to R7.1
Install with crane – we can usually install your walls within a day (depending on the size of the house).
Lime render can attain a bushfire rating of BAL29, BAL40 & Bal FZ (FlameZone). It costs more the higher the bushfire rating. Other cladding will depend on the manufacturer’s specifications.
Panels will need to protected from any moisture upon delivery on site. They must be covered and fully weather-proofed up until the roof is on, sarking and external cladding has been fitted.


Key Features:

  • Wall Thickness & Height Options: Starting at 260mm, going up to 400mm thick, standard heights up to 3.2 metres. Higher walls can be built in 2 sections.
  • Foundations: Install on slabs or bearer and joist floor systems.
  • Window Design: Panels are designed to fit your preferred window sizes and heights.
  • Roof Compatibility: Compatible with various roof systems.
  • Eaves: Optimal eave size (450-600mm) for wall protection on rendered walls and no eaves required on clad walls, considering solar gain.
  • Electrical Integration: Conduits and power outlet “wall boxes” are provided for easy electrical installation.
  • Finish Choices: Internally the panels can be supplied pre-rendered or ready for your choice of wall lining.
  • Two-Story Application: Suitable for two-story buildings
  • Built-In Engineering: Panels have structural integrity; engineer’s certificate included.
  • Bushfire Ready: With external renders we achieve a minimum of BAL29 rating (with ratings up to Flame zone under specific circumstances)
  • Excellent Insulation: Panels offer an insulation value of R3.7 to R6.4.
  • Efficient Installation: With crane assistance, walls for a standard size house can be installed in one day.
  • Flexible Lead Time: Contact us for specific lead time details.

Panel finish options
Viva wall panels can be delivered with a choice of finishes inside and out.
Options include a lime render, or plywood cladding, you can choose to have combinations of these finishes.
Wet areas in your home typically have a plywood substrate on the interior wall to accommodate the plumbing services and standard bathroom finishes.


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