Granny Flat DIY Online Course

$2,200.00 AUD


“The Smart & Easy Way You Can
Build Your Own Eco Granny Flat”

– From wherever you are in Australia or the world 

Build Your Own Eco Granny Flat DIY – from VIC, QLD, WA, TAS, USA, Canada, Europe

Imagine this…

You’ve just finished building your own granny flat in your backyard…

You walk through the door…

The fresh Aroma of natural timber fills your senses…

(no V.O.C.s, or “off-gassing” here)

Just the sweet smell of your own achievement … 

The pride you feel as you walk around your own granny flat.

The look on your friends and family’s faces when they see what you built for their first time.

This is no ordinary granny flat or studio office, it looks and feels awesome
AND it’s an eco granny flat. It’s made from healthy natural materials (straw bales) 

Nothing like the lightweight / flimsy ones around which costs a fortune to heat and cool.
This one is warm in winter, cool in summer.
It’s solid, cosy, it’s like you’re in a cocoon, where time stands still and you can breathe calmly again.

And the financial gain?

Rent it out and you’ll be making passive income while you sleep.

OR you may want to use it for your own ‘healthy’ home office, starting living the dream life of working from home… 

What’s the best part of all this?

You built it yourself… and it feels great.

granny flat

DIY Granny Flat, straw bales










Build a Granny Flat That You Can
Rent Out.. Chill Out… or Work In

Have you been looking at building your own granny flat studio,
or home office but had no time, money or idea on where to start?

Yes, it CAN be daunting going it alone.

Questions like:

~ How to get eco granny flat plans done – which will be easy to build & get approval for?

~ What’s the best way to apply for a permit without getting my application rejected?

~ How much will it cost?

~ How do I ensure I don’t stuff up the render so it won’t fall off my walls?

~ How… and where do I start?

What if there was a way to learn the exact steps to take, and what to avoid (so you don’t muck it up)…

And, wait for it…

You’ll Learn the Whole Process From Start-To-Finish So You
Become a Granny Flat Building Expert Before
You Even Start…

Yes, it’s possible…

And we’ll show how to do all this (and more).

Now before I explain, let me ask you a few questions…


Rather than just building an eco granny flat…

What if we could show you how to build where it;

  • Generates additional passive income to improve your current lifestyle?
  • Becomes an asset that increases your wealth AND continues to appreciate in value?
  • Gets built and completed on time AND budget with minimal effort while saving you BIG dollars in the process?

and you can do this with…

  • No prior skills with natural materials (general building skills would be a bonus but not essential)
  • No building qualifications
  • No huge budget



The ‘Eco’ Granny Flat

Online Mastery Program

In just 14 weeks, we’ll take you through a precision course, jam packed with all the info you’ll need
to build your very own granny flat studio or home office made from natural materials.

Because the course is pre-recorded and not live, you can access every video all at once.

At the end of the 14 videos, if you want some practical experience…just do one of our workshops.

It won’t cost you a cent… our workshop is FREE when you register for the course

At the end of the 14-video course with us, you’ll be ready and confident to build your own straw bale studio or granny flat because this is what you’ll get

  • Know exactly where to start
  • Know what materials to use
  • Know how long it will take to complete
  • Know how to avoid costly mistakes
  • Be able to build your own studio or granny flat in 97 days or less.
  • Speed through your council requirements
  • Know what render mix to use

It’s an Online Course, so you can learn
Anywhere in Australia or the World…

It doesn’t matter where you live because you can login at any time
The videos have been pre-recorded with other studens

Nor does it matter if you’re new to building or a qualified builder. 

When you join us online each week, Sam, Simone and other Viva “A Team” members will pass on their years of experience, qualifications and knowledge – that’s got to be good to know


Who are we?

We are experts in the eco friendly homes and granny flats.
We’ve built award-winning homes and built over 60 eco-friendly, straw bale and natural homes in Australia…

And we’re also the ‘go-to guys’ who people call to repair other builders’ mistakes.

Basically, we’re all about training professionals and owners how to build quality straw bale homes, studios and granny flats the right way – from scratch.

Here’s a quick glimpse into our qualifications;

  • Built over 60 straw bale homes and been featured in ‘Grand Designs’ Magazine, Daily Telegraph, Guest Speakers for 5 years running at the HIA Sydney Homes Show
  • Multi-award winning builders with Master Builders ‘Excellence in Housing’ Awards
  • Licensed Builder and Supervisor
  • Certificate IV Carpentry | Cert IV Training & Assessment | Advanced Diploma in Building | Aust Building Sustainability Accredited | Bachelor Economics, Agriculture 
  • Teacher and Trainer to thousands of Engineers, Builders, Architects, Owner Builders, Project Managers
  • Members of: the Master Builders Association (MBA), Australasian Straw Bale Building Association (Ausbale)

What Others Say…

One of the best things about what we do is enjoying our customer’s appreciation.

“Attending the course saved us about 40 – 50 hours of work with Council & Engineers and 7 weeks of work, but on top of that saved the stress. The course was worth twice as much money and allayed my biggest fears. It’s a confidence thing… and we saved about $30,000 under budget”.
– Matt and Caroline

“Sam – thanks for being so open and giving of your knowledge. I thought the way you patiently accommodated the diverse needs of the group was fantastic. You’re a great communicator”.
– Anthony

“I attended the recent 3 day course and found it a terrific experience. And helped begin the process of hopefully, building our straw bale home. The information, format and ability to chat/ask those questions was much appreciated… Will happily recommend it to anyone looking at straw bale building…. Thank you – I am more enthusiastic to go ahead with straw after the course than before.”
– Terry S

“Your course was the best course I’ve done. I wanted to get into straw bale building and by doing the course with Sam I was able to. Thank you!”
– Ken L

Hear how Carolyn and Matt are 3 months ahead of schedule after doing one of our other courses. Listen to just HOW much UNDER budget they are

what’s green, eco, sustainable, solar passive & natural
… and can earn you passive income?

– An eco granny flat 

So what are they and what’s so different about them?

Will they last? 

These kinds of materials have been used for over 100 years in Nabraska USA and over 11,000 of years in Europe, Africa, Asia, South America (clay & lime renders).

Estimates claim over a billion people live in earth buildings – Rael, Ronald (2009). Earth Architecture

In fact Australians still live in homes that are over 100 years old using these exact materials. So yes, they do last. 

Boorowa Museum, NSW, Australia was built circa 1960


Week by Week Course summary…

Week 1: What is an Earth Pop-Up Granny Flat /Studio?

  • Design regulations – Built to the BCA/NCC Council, BASIX, Termites, Fire
  • Suitable types of foundations
  • Where to put your Granny flat/Office/Studio
  • How long before it pays for itself?
  • Longevity? Standing the test of time
  • Types of materials we used
  • Plans: site plans, engineer’s plans, etc.

Week 2: Headspace: Being organized = Easier, happier, successful build.

Re-enforcing your belief in your dream – if you dream it, and believe it, you CAN do it.

  • You will be able to do this. We are your guide, your support team
  • Follow each step we show you
  • Helping you to prioritize
  • The importance of taking action
  • Designs & Plans
  • Prep Work
  • Cash and Finances
  • Getting your Loan/Overdraft/Credit cards ready
  • Time is money, preventing the lag
  • Budgeting for materials and installations
  • Excel chart incorporating time and costings
  • Forward Planning – start a list of volunteers
  • Time line gant chart for your project

Week 3: Council Regulations

  • Eligibility
  • Development permit
  • Construction permit
  • Geotech reports
  • Surveyors plans & pegs
  • Bushfire boundaries
  • Complete council checklist for faster approval
  • Q & A time and photos

Week 4: Utilities and Services

  • Water, Power, Septic and Gas
  • Quotes from Subcontractors
  • Gather your Team – Electrician, Plumber etc

Week 5: Hardware

  • Organising your Trade Accounts
  • Materials
  • Order your DIY kit or, gather your own materials
  • Quantities
  • Trades Licenses
  • ABN
  • Work Contracts
  • Owner Builders License

*This is the time to attend your FREE workshop

You’ll gain practical knowledge and experience plus it’s a heap of fun!

Week 6: Construction

  • Pre-start Checklist
  • Site access
  • Loading and drop off zones
  • Recycling
  • Q & A with photos

Week 7: Preliminaries

  • Transport and Materials
  • Tools – essentials
  • Scaffold or trestles
  • Silt/erosion/sediment fence
  • Install permit
  • WHS plans and induction forms SWMS

Week 8: Foundations

  • Set-downs, pergola
  • Termite barriers
  • Plumbing rough-in
  • Pier/footing and /or drainage inspection (if required)
  • Take Delivery of materials

Week 9: Flooring

  • Joists and flooring Installation of under floor insulation (if needed)
  • Wall Frames
  • Toe ups
  • Top plates

Q & A time

Week 10: Roof plus …

  • Trusses
  • Outriggers
  • Battens & Purlins
  • Time to choose tiles
  • Choose oven & cook top

*Book in for your FREE One on One 20 min call

Q & A time

Week 11: Internal Wall Frames

  • Follow your checklist
  • Framing inspection
  • Plumbing rough-in
  • Electrical rough-in
  • Kitchen
  • Rough-in of other services
  • (Air con, hot water, hydronic heating, solar PV)

Week 12: 3 Day Pop-up Straw Walls

  • Sheet Walls
  • Render stops
  • Windows, flashing, reveals
  • Render (our secret recipe)
  • Wet Areas Tiling or Marrakesh
  • Ceiling Insulation

Week 13: Fit out and Celebrations…

  • Trims
  • Skirtings
  • Architraves
  • Internal doors
  • Adjusting
  • Finishes, painting, sanding, other finishing
  • Final Inspection or Interim Occupancy certificate
  • Rubbish Removal/Clean
  • Site works, Landscaping
  • Final Clean up
  • Photography


When you book your spot, as our way of saying thank-you, we’re going to include the following two bonuses:


We don’t want you to miss a thing. We know you’ll have questions, so we want to add a FREE 20 minute One on One call at week 9 -10 of your course…

This is when you’ll be well underway with your project or plans (if you’re not ready to build) and will appreciate the one-on-one call the most…

What’s the total value of The Straw Bale Builder’s
Online Mastery Program?

Bonus #1 Studio Plans including plan view, elevations, section (valued at $2,500.00)

Bonus #2 Rendering book (valued at $35.00)

Bonus #3 2 x tickets to the next Viva Eco Homes Tour (valued at $220.00) 

Bonus #4 2 x tickets to Viva workshop (valued at $220.00)

Bonus #5 20 Minute Power Call (valued at $250.00)

Bonus #6 Wholesale Trade discounts at Hudson Home Hardware (valued at $3000.00)

Bonus #7 Gantt Charts for pre-build and building stage (valued at $250.00)

Bonus #8 6 months unlimited email support (valued at $1100.00)

Bonus #9 Incredible ‘must have’ costing spreadsheet (valued at $150.00)

Bonus #10 Add a friend to the course 

Bonus #11 Our own Granny Flat Checklists that we use (valued at $500.00)

Total Value = $8,225.00

Considering the amount of time and money you’ll save by doing this course, it represents great value for money…
charging over $10,000 would be undoubtedly be a very reasonable fee for this comprehensive course.

However, we’ve decided to do something unique.

As an introductory launch special only, we won’t be charging $8,225 for The Straw Bale Builder’s Online Mastery Program.

Nor will we be charging even half that.

For a limited time, you’ll get inside access to The Straw Bale Builder’s Online Mastery Program for just $2,200.

Note: The numbers are limited as we can only provide support to a handful of people, we are getting an avalanche of enquries at the moment,
so make sure you don’t miss your chance…

Because we love empowering people who are doers, we’re offer this special price till New Years’ Eve.
We won’t offer this price again.

Oh, and just in case you’re wondering…

We are so sure about the level of confidence and skills you’ll gain by attending The Straw Bale Builder’s Online Mastery Program that we offer a
“Total Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee”.

If for whatever reason… you decide that this course isn’t for you, we will happily refund your money, no questions asked.

Closing words from Sam, hand on heart…

I cannot possibly make it easier for you to build your own straw bale granny flat/office or studio.
By doing this easy to follow online course, you’ll remove all the fear of making mistakes while gaining the confidence you need to build a straw bale studio or granny flat with complete success…

Come join us.

Lovers of all things Natural…
Simone Pieta and Sam Vivers

P.S. If you’re even thinking about building a straw bale Granny flat or Office/Studio, joining this online course will be the wisest decision you made this year…

P.P.S. Bookings will close once we reach our quota, we’re only looking for a small group who just want to get cracking right now. We will sell out, no, we’re just not saying that. It’s just what happens on our courses

Got Questions? we’ve had a lot of questions from you…

  • What if I want to source all of the materials myself
    No problem, go for it (reclaim, recycle… go for it!)
  • How much for your ‘kit’ of materials if we just want the materials delivered to our doorstep
    For the 34m2 $50,000-60,000 Incl GST
    Prices are subject to change so please get a quote
  • Will you do a site visit?
    Sorry, no, we can’t get to everyone’s land
  • How much will you help me?
    We are your guide. We’ll show you what works for us and show you how to become a problem solver.
    We won’t be there to help you actually build it in person. That’s how you learn, by doing. 
  • I’m not a carpenter or builder (I’m semi-retired, or having a baby), will I be able to do it?
    We think yes, you can give it a go and be confident. If you get to tricky carpentry skills, you can just get a carpenter to help you

We’ve answered some of your questions in this video>

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