Quoting a Straw Bale House

$2,500.00 AUD

Should you wish for us to build for you, we’ll start quoting to build it.

This is what happens.

We get your finalised plans, engineer’s plans as well as your fully complete Colour Selections Form.

Then we go out to tender and ask all of our trades for quotes. We have to prepare the right documents, create a brief, find “A Class” trades which can be a feat in itself. But we’ve got sneaky tricks to sort out the good from the bad. Sam usually has to meet with specialist trades or at the very least, talk with them. We send new trades photos of what we do to ensure they don’t overprice it.

We will usually aim to get 2 quotes per trade. We have to follow up a LOT of the time as they’re usually busy.

Then we put their quotes into our specially made program. Sam has to go through it and build it, allocating time to each part of the build. Then we cross check it.

Then we have to prepare the Scope of Works document that outlines everything Viva and you have spoken about or emailed to ensure we all know who’s doing what.

It can take us at least 40 hrs, most probably more.

If we build your home, this amount is reimbursed back to you when we build.