Straw Bale Council Applications

$3,300.00 AUD


Want us to get you through the approval process?

If we’re building your home we can do the council application for you. Because we’re great at getting the reports into council quickly.. we’ve done it many times afterall.

We can’t guarantee success but we’ll give it our best shot!

It sure will ease the burden from you for time, stress and trying to figure out the world of local, state and federal building regulations.


What’s included:

  • Council application
  • Alternate Building Solutions Report or ‘Straw Bale Statement’ compliant to the National Construction Code (NCC)
  • CSIRO Bushfire Report to BAL29
  • Bushfire report and zoning calculation (including Asset Protection Zone APZ plan)
  • Statement of Environmental Effects
  • Council forms completed (estimates, DA or PC, wood stove form, on site sewerage application)
  • Building Material Specifications
  • We’ll go through our checklists to ensure that the plans have the relevant info on them for council

What’s not included:

  • Council’s fees or
  • Private Certifier’s Fees
  • Your drawings or engineer’s plans
  • BASIX Report
  • Other specialises reports: such as Geotech report, surveyor’s plan, traffic management report, wildlife
  • Long Service Levy
  • Section 94 Contribution
  • Home Warranty certificate or fees