Custom Straw Bale House Plans (Council-Ready Docs -Full House)*

$8,500.00 AUD

Plans drawn up by our drafting team (council ready docs) (full house)*


Drawings include (see below as well)

Plans incorporate: cob, poured/rammed earth, light earth, hempcrete and/or strawbale walls. Plans with max of 2 changes to draft plans and 2 changes to completed drawings (prices incls gst). Any changes thereafter will be $99 per hour (inc gst). You will need to provide details to us of what Council requires on the plans. We suggest contacting your council to find out their requirements. All Councils vary*

* This is what our plans include:

  • Plan view of house
  • Elevations
  • Cross section
  • Site plan (house on site plan which you/your surveyor provides in pdf & dwg). You will also need to provide to us a plan of the services of your house (where power, water, gas will go, parking/garage, drainage, effluent, neighbour’s property, driveway details etc.)
  • A legend detailing specifications of the house for Council & Building Code of Australia (BCA): BASIX specs, roof colour, wall material specs, termite proofing, hot water system, water tank, insulation, wall/roof framing, timber details for Council application (we’ll need from you colours of the roof, wall, guttering, water tanks as well as the materials in your home)
  • Basix Certificate
  • Window schedule
  • You also get our expertise in: designing a solar passive home which works, designed around straw and earth materials which work best for your site and climate, designing to your budget, incorporating your specific needs
  • Landscape plan (you will need to provide details of existing and proposed flora on your property)


Other items which you may want to know are not included in our quote are:

  • Soil & Effluent Engineer’s report and/or Geotech Report
  • Surveyor and plan of the land (a must for some councils)
  • Engineer’s drawings for foundations/piers; wall and roof frames
  • Council fees
  • Any other local authority requirements to your area (stormwater, fire, wildlife/nature, historic etc)
  • Plans of details, electrics or other specific plans
  • Some Councils are more specific and require lots of information on the plans

Yes, Let’s Go Ahead:

By purchasing this option it means that you:          

  1. Are the registered and legal owner of the site address, that I give consent to the abovementioned design works as an Authority to Proceed.
  2. Will pay a 50% deposit for designing of my house plans (balance due on first draft of plans) or, I have paid 100% amount for the engineer’s plans
  3. Will send us your draft layout plan. You understand with your brief, we’ll start work on your plans
  4. You’ve read, understood and agree with our Terms and Conditions here>