4 Day Straw Bale Wall Raising &
Rendering Workbee

@ Glen Davis in NSW,  26th to 29th July 2012

At this 4 day Straw Bale Wall Raising & Rendering Workshop, you will learn how to build (and design) a straw bale & sustainable home while also getting hands-on experience.

We have been building straw bale homes for over 12 years. This 3 bedroom home has been specially designed around straw bales.

Jane and Neil’s house is in the beautiful Capertee Valley (west of Lithgow in NSW). “Workbee-ers”

will help build and secure the straw bale walls ready for rendering – you may even see us put a coat of render on a wall.

In exchange for your hard work there is no charge for this event. Lunch and morning/ afternoon teas will be provided. Workbees run 9am to 5pm.

Places are limited – we are often booked out early so get in quick if you want to attend.

You’ll just need to bring: work clothes/boots, a keen spirit for working and learning, find your own accommodation (camping on site is possible) and supply your own brekkies and dinners.

Please click here> for more info on the workbee.

Just book in with us via e-mail info@vivahomes.com.au and tell us: your name, phone number, email address, dietary or any special requirements, confirm that you’re attending for the full 4 days.  We hope you can join us for this exciting event.

Straw Bale Demos @ MudgeeWe’ve been running straw bale demonstrations at the Field Days for the past 5 years. We demonstrate ‘baling up’, what the strawbales sit on to prevent them from rotting, how to tension them down, how the roof can work in with the strawbales and 1st, 2nd and 3rd coats of earth or lime renders. If you missed out last year, be sure to put 13th and 14th July on your 2012 calendarwww.arec.com.au. It’s a great family day.

Straw Bale StudiosWe’re working on a range of strawbale studios (kit form) which are perfect as a granny flat or work office. Plans and materials are included, you just build. We’ll keep you posted.
 Organic Vegie Garden WorkbeeDuring August we’ll be running an organic vegie garden workbee (permaculture gardening) with Gordon Williams. Gordon will go through how to design a good food garden and then we’ll get stuck in and build one. It will be at Lawson in the Blue Mountains. Great for those wanting to learn and get experience. More details to follow.
Sustainable House DayFor those of you who have a strawbale/earth home or want to see one, “Sustainable House Day” is coming up soon on Sunday the 9th of September. People generously open up their homes on that day (for a few hours) to show visitors examples of energy efficient homes/ conversions/ extensions, alternative energy techniques, greywater solutions, gardens, examples of states of self sufficiency and much more.In 2010 we opened up our own home to around 250 people. It goes to show what a small world we live in. It’s also a great way to meet like minded people who are into straw and earth building.We would love to see some of our straw bale homes showcased, to help show others what can be done with the humble straw bale and mud.So, if you have a little bit of time on that day and can provide the opportunity to share & show, then please visit www.sustainablehouseday.com  and click on the House Location menu for the Expression of Interest form.

For those who don’t have an earth home yet, check out the website and see if there are any strawbale and earth homes close to you to visit.

50% Off Organic LinenWe bought an organic sheet set years ago and that’s all we use now. So we have teamed up with EcoLinen to give Viva Living Homes a special deal to pass onto you. You get 50% off the RRP! Click here > (acrobat 8) or email us> for an order form. Send it into them and they will contact you for payment. Valid till 30th September 2012. No pesticides are used. They are crisp, thick sheets & linen you will love www.ecolinen.com

Straw + Earth Homes we’re designing & building in 2012We’re nearly finished a two storey straw bale home in Bathurst. We’re building an Australian ‘settlers’ straw bale homestead at Glen Davis and designing other straw bale homes in Hazelbrook, Katoomba and Mudgee. We’ve finished two straw homes in Hazelbrook so far this year.
Important Note If You’re Rendering in WinterWhen rendering external walls in winter close attention must be paid to stop the render from freezing. This weakens the render and can then delaminate from the straw. So cover up your render and tuck it in so that the frost can’t get to it.

Deb and Ben’s two storey straw bale home is motoring along. The render is nearly complete.
We’re onto the finishes now.

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