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Strawbale Tips, Workshops & More

  • Strawbale workshops and courses
  • What do you want the straw bale association to do for you?
  • Strawbale dome with reciprocal roof with Milkwood Permaculture
  • Tip for rendering in winter
  • Meet Vince, who makes our double glazed timber windows
  • An architect who listens, designs beautiful and functional homes and who can design to your budget…
  • Strawbale services we provide
Workshops & Courses


3-5th May (only a few spots left) SOLD OUT

This 3 day Strawbale Course is a one of a kind. It covers the fundamentals to advanced building techniques eg design, foundations (slab, piers), wall and roof framing (load bearing vs in fill), running services (electrics, plumbing etc) and rendering. For owner builders, builders, designers and strawbale junkies. It’s a blend of theory with practical experience.


To book the AREC course>




Strawbale demonstration at the Small Farm Field Days on Friday 12th and 13th July at Mudgee. For more info> So you can see how to build a straw bale building, see a rendered building and see rendering in action. You can also ask us questions.



Sustainable House Day is on 8th September where people all around Australia with a sustainable home open their doors. We hope that our clients will open up their straw bale and earth homes for others to see what is possible. Why not do your own natural building tour hopping around the country??

For those of you who like to stalk us for more photos and ideas on our straw bale homes, go to our Facebook page (more current images) or on our website.


An Architect who… listens. We’ve worked with many architects over the years. We hear from clients who can’t afford to build their home as the finished design is too expensive to build. A good draftsperson and architect should be able to build to their client’s budget. If you’re looking for a strawbale designer, ensure they have experience with strawbale building and solar passive homes, you can speak with their clients and see their work. Our experience with JBD Architects on 4 diferent homes has been a pleasure. They listen and they work at getting the most out of the design. Oh and they design to the budget we set them!http://www.jbdarchitects.com.au/
What do you want?

the Australasian Straw Bale Building Association (AUSBALE) to do for you? We’d like to hear. We’d like to try and get strawbales fire rated to Flame Zone but what do you think is needed? Just email us with your suggestions.www.ausbale.org.au.


Tip for rendering in winter If you’re building your own strawbale home, you want to avoid frost getting onto newly rendered walls. It can damage the render so start earlier in the day to ensure it can go off before the frosts hit. If you’re rendering in the heart of winter, then use covers to protect them at night.


Meet Vince, our joiner

He makes our double glazed timber windows, cabinets, cupboards and kitchens. A lot of people ask where we get our windows and kitchens from as they are unique. So here he is….

Check out Viva Homes in the Grand Designs Australia Magazine

They included a 4 page article on straw bale building and included us! So straw bales continue to go mainstream, yay!

Where do we build?

We build all over NSW and ACT. You can buy our designs and Builder’s Manual and build your home anywhere in Australia.

Strawbale dome with reciprocal green roof @ Milkwood Permaculture

What a mouthful that is! We’ve just finished a 4 day course at Milkwood. Wow, what a strawbale feast it was. Team Milkwood and participants were incredible. To be able to create this building in just 4 days, including the rubble footings was an incredible feat. Photos courtesy of Milkwood.

Straw bale services we provide:

  • A range of straw bale home designs which we, or you can build
  • Straw bale home designs which are solar passive (pre-designed or custom designed)
  • Design and build straw bale homes to a set time, cost with a consistent result (most other builders don’t specialise in straw bale building, or other straw bale tradespeople can only build the walls and render)
  • Products: the Viva wire twitcher ($350) and the baling pin ($95). We use them for all our homes as they save us time and make the job so much easier and safer. We’re happy to share the knowledge and help others so we’re selling the extras we had made up.
  • Straw bale education: workshops, workbees, courses and demonstrations
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