Strawbale Extensions & Renovations

Can sometimes be an affordable, cost effective solution to getting natural materials on a tight budget

Strawbale Additions

Are easier for us to build

Renovating an existing house

Is often dirty work with old materials, which is why it’s best if you do renovations

Additions close to us

We don’t do a lot of additions but if we do, they’re usually close to us

Learn How

By doing one of our courses or workshops you can start learning what you can and can’t do. Then if you contract a local carpenter or builder for advice, they can help you with your strawbale renovation or retro fit

Natural materials

Can be used to retro fit an existing home. You may take off the existing cladding and include strawbale or natural materials instead. It’s work we’ve done many times, however we don’t retro fit for clients these days.

How much to renovate or do an extension?

It depends on how many wet areas you want and kitchens, if you’re in any building zones (flood, bushfire), the size of the addition. Per square metre the cost is usually higher than a new house because you’re usually building less than a normal house. Roughly, you could allow $2500 per square metre for a builder to do your extension.