Our Strawbale Guarantee


Because we believe so much in the quality of our workmanship and our product, we believe a strawbale guarantee is essential for all homes.

You are covered for 6 years warranty for any structural defects in your home.

Only a licensed builder who builds your whole home can give you this guarantee.

Some people are unsure whether environmental homes are just as good as traditional homes…. our strawbale guarantee ensures that they are.

We asked ourselves, what guarantee would we want if we were building our own natural earth home. This is it.

We are licensed builders (Viva Eco Homes Pty Ltd), Sam Vivers is a licensed Supervisor having achieved his Carpentry Licence. We have qualified carpenters and renderers, plasterers, plumbers and sparkies on our team.

As a licensed builder, this automatically means that our licence ensures we can build straw bale walls and any other part of the house we want to. We’re not limited to any one part as is the case with some strawbale tradies. Some tradies or builders can’t even get home warranty cover. They’re not able to do anything else, even designing a home.

We are licensed to build in NSW, ACT and QLD. For more info go to the Department of Fair Trading.

Our quality assurance procedures ensure that we get consistent results that work. Our systems and procedures include current Australian standards for quality, environment and the safety of our workers.

We’re members of the Master Builder’s Association (MBA), Australasian Strawbale Building Assoc (Ausbale) and the Earth Building Association of Australia (EBAA). That means we have quality standards that we live up to. We strive to have standards for strawbale building to make it a viable building method in the conventional world.

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