For a Christmas pressie, a lot of people want information so we’ve attached these articles for you:
• Just what makes a sustainable home?• The most important things people have told us they want for their sustainable home. What do you want? Have your say


• Essential tips for building your own eco home + conventional vs an eco home and more…

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We’ve sent you some information if you’re thinking of building your own eco home as a Christmas pressie!
Just what makes a sustainable home?

Sam Vivers believes…

“A sustainable home is made from natural materials (straw, earth,timber, stone) as a basic requirement, then designed solar passively and finished with energy efficient fittings – in that order. Many people believe the last point is what makes a sustainable home. That’s just one part of the mix. Do what you can, but if you’re building from the beginning, include the first points to really make a difference.” For more tips go to: 20 tips on what makes a sustainable house>

What do you want from a sustainable home?
This is what our clients have said to us:

1. Fixed price contracts for financing and budgeting, so there’s no surprises

2. Set timeframes so they can plan their life and get on with it

3. Their house looks and feels great and they know it’s built with natural materials

4. A guarantee of workmanship to make sure the skills & products used will last

5. Licensed builder, for a set price, product & service (financing is also easier)

6. It works like a solar passive house ought to (reduced energy usage and costs)

Is this true? Have your say in 50 words, post on our wall inFacebook: Viva Living Homes (or email us) the top features you want us to provide.


For more on building your own eco home
we’ve written some tips for you…

20 tips on what makes a sustainable house>

Conventional versus a Viva Home>

To buy or design your own sustainable house>

5 steps to building your own environmental home>

Frequently asked questions about strawbale building>

Hopefully the above information gives you at least some useful hints to making your dream sustainable home a reality. Merry Christmas!

Viva’s Sustainable Homes

“The reason we created these homes was so people can live their life and be green… and not have to give up their lifestyle” Sam Vivers

Sam was quite clear that one of the main factors was to design and build sustainable homes which would appeal to more people.

They’re for those who like contemporary Australian architecture – “…they’re not a ‘hippy’ house!”

“You don’t have to be a “greenie” to build an eco home now. Most of our clients are professional people who are conscious about the environment and see the logic in building a sustainable home. They choose to reduce their carbon footprint and do the simple steps they can.

Being green doesn’t mean a
loss in lifestyle

We wanted to create an affordable, architecturally designed home which is natural & sustainable.

Viva Living Homes are based in the lower Blue Mountains. They have built homes in the Blue Mountains, Mudgee, Hunter Valley regions and are now branching out to other parts of Australia including the north coast of Sydney.

Sustainable homes of the earth where we design and build. Fixed price contracts with set timeframes. Choose from one of our architecturally designed eco/sustainable homes. | Facebook: Viva Living Homes