Viva Panels

Ready Built • Naturally

Viva Prefabricated Straw Panel

Creating your new home is a breeze with Viva Panels. Uncover the ideal wall solution. Our external walls are delivered to your site fully rendered or clad with your preferred cladding, and equipped with all necessary services, making your construction process remarkably easy.

Why Choose Viva Panels?

  • Environmentally Friendly: Low Waste, low carbon-footprint & natural materials
  • Fast: Pre-fabricated Panels for quick on-site installation, saving you time & money.
  • Simple:  The hard work is done for you, external walls are ready for the roof, windows and services as soon as they are installed.
  • Versatile: You can opt for modern finishes or go for a more traditional look.

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Panel Building Details

Key Features:

  • Wall Thickness & Height Options: Starting at 260mm, going up to 400mm thick, standard heights up to 3.2 metres. Higher walls can be built in 2 sections.
  • Foundations: Install on slabs or bearer and joist floor systems.
  • Window Design: Panels are designed to fit your preferred window sizes and heights.
  • Roof Compatibility: Compatible with various roof systems.
  • Eaves: Optimal eave size (450-600mm) for wall protection, considering solar gain.
  • Electrical Integration: Conduits and power outlet “wall boxes” are provided for easy electrical setup.
  • Finish Choices: Internally the panels can be supplied pre-rendered or ready for your choice of wall lining.
  • Two-Story Application: Suitable for two-story buildings
  • Built-In Engineering: Panels have structural integrity; engineer’s certificate included.
  • Bushfire Ready: With external renders we achieve a minimum of BAL29 rating (with ratings up to Flame zone under specific circumstances)
  • Excellent Insulation: Panels offer an insulation value of R3.7 to R6.4.
  • Efficient Installation: With crane assistance, walls for a standard size house can be installed in one day.
  • Flexible Lead Time: Contact us for specific lead time details.

Simplify your construction process with Viva Panels. Streamlined, efficient, and versatile – perfect for hassle-free projects.


Panel Options
Rhino PanelsExternal plywood, internal render.
External walls are ready for cladding.
Internal walls are rendered ready for final coat after window installation.
Turtle PanelsExternal & Internal plywood.
Ready for your choice of cladding
Polar PanelsExternal & Internal lime render
Two coats of render.
Ready for final coat after window installation

Frequently Asked Questions about the Viva Panels

Do they come in standard sizes?
No, we can make them to suit your plans. They can be 260mm to 400mm thick and up to 3.2 metres high.

Do you have standard window and door sizes?
No, we can work in with your window sizes.

I already have my plans drawn up, can I use them?
Yes, we can work out an estimate for you.

What’s the cost?
Send us your plans and we can give you an estimate (they don’t have to be finished). 

Why choose the panels over strawbales?

Quicker to install than straw bale wall systems, all of the planning and hard work is done. Less rendering! 

Why choose the panels over conventional building materials?

  • Super insulated like nothing else on the market for the width of the panels
  • Healthy & Sustainable 
  • Energy efficient, highest star ratings achieved
  • Healthy house / Building biology (healthy moisture/air in apartments which is a major issue in Europe and Australian apartments)
  • Neutral Carbon footprint

What’s the R value?
Starting at R3.7 for 260mm thick up to R6.4 for 400mm thick
Considering usual wall systems with conventional materials are either 0.25 (bricks) to R2 max, the Viva Panels are double most other materials.
R3.7 is still a lot more than conventional building products.

Are they load bearing?
Yes and structural meaning that they support the roof.

Can I build two storey buildings with them?

Are they only for granny flats or can I use them on a house?
You can use them on both

Can I use them on a concrete slab or just bearers and joists?
Yes both

How are they attached to my foundations?
A rail is attached to the slab and then the panels are attached to the rail.

Can I use them as internal walls?
We recommend using thermal mass inside your home on a few of your internal walls, this will help regular the temperature throughout the seasons.

Do they come with render on both sides?
We have three different options, you can have them with render on both sides, render on the inside and cladding on the outside or cladding on both sides.

Can I use other cladding?
Yes, you can use your choice of cladding.

How do you finish them off?
Once onsite and in place they are finished by adding a layer of mesh to the joints and then a final coat of render to smooth off the walls and give you your finished product.

Cladding is added with whatever fixing method is required for the type of cladding you use.

Can I paint the render?
Yes, once they are installed and finished off you can paint them with breathable paints, or you can just leave them as they come.
They’re versatile – whatever look you are after.

Are they easy to transport?
Yes we will deliver them to your site.

How do you get them to site and into place?
They are delivered on a truck and craned directly into place.

Do you install them?
Yes, we’ll just quote beforehand for installation fees.

How do I install my electricity?
We run conduit and put electrical boxes into place before we seal them with render or cladding, so you’ll need to have your electrical plans ready with everything you need.

Can I install plumbing in the panels?
Yes you can install plumbing into the panels.

How long does it take to install them?
Depends on how big the house or granny flat is. For most houses or granny flats we can install in less that a day.

Can they get wet?
No, it’s best if they don’t, you’ll need to protect them from any rain with plastic and have everything organised so that you can install your trusses and your roof as soon as possible.

Can I hang things on the wall? What about my kitchen cupboards?
Yes, pictures, kitchen cupboards etc

What’s is the bushfire rating?
The rendered walls (Polar Bear) can go to BAL Low, BAL12, BAL19, BAL29 (to Flame Zone in certain circumstances)
Clad walls depend on the rating of the cladding. Check your manufacturers specifications.

What about Pest Control?
Our panels homes are treated the same way you would treat a conventional home, we use termite barriers and you’ll need to do yearly inspections.