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SuperNatural. Super Green. Super Performance.

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Award-Winning 9 Star Healthy Homes

Living in an Award-Winning 9 star Healthy Home is different. 

They feel different. Cosy in winter and cool in summer. 

with minimal heating or cooling. 

Plus they look different. They’re like something out of Grand Designs TV Show.

They’re built to last and meet all the building rules.

You’re living in one of the highest rated homes in Australia (9 Star ABSA energy rated).

Join a cool tribe of people living in a healthy, natural home made of straw bales, earthen walls, low VOC materials, healthy house. 

and you’re making a positive difference in the world. 

Viva Homes is one of Australia’s most respected and trusted straw bale and earth builders.

We have Architects, Designers and engineers on our team for ‘modest designs’ to ‘grand designs’.

Sam is a professionally trained and qualified Trainer, Educator & Speaker.

These award winning 9 star strawbale homes have been featured in the
Daily Telegraph, Grand Designs and at the Sydney HIA Home Show.

Picture your dream home ~ you’re living in a cosy home in winter. It’s cool in summer. Your power bills are tiny. You live in a natural, healthy home, it’s peaceful. Everyday you love your walls and are grateful. Building your home was a really fun experience. You’re now one of those people on ‘Grand Designs’… without the budget or time issues!

You’ll experience the “Viva” system which we’ve refined over 18 years to give you:

  • A 6 year guarantee on workmanship and longevity
  • fixed price contract with a fixed time frame
  • Yes, you can customise it
  • Designs you can just pick from (or create your own custom design)
  • A ‘dream team‘ who listen to you and give you want you want, they build like it’s their own home
  • Everything goes to plan and is a breeze, where you ♥ the process and would build with us again
  • The ‘Viva wall system‘ which protects the straw and earth and ensures you get value for your money
  • Specialised systems that are certified by CSIRO and engineers which delivers our award-winning results

If you want to build your own home, we teach strawbale and natural building courses to show exactly what to do (and not to do).
We teach these courses for one main purpose:

To ensure that you design and build your natural home correctly. That’s it. We’ve had to fix other people’s strawbale building nightmares. Render coming off walls, windows leak, issues with traddies going 2-3 times over their verbal quote. Because we’ve designed and built over 50 strawbale and earth homes, you’ll learn the fatal mistakes not to make. Your subcontractor walks off site, or just recently, we’ve seen a bad case where the walls have rotted and we’ve had to replace and repair the building.

Our strawbale courses are very different to any other course in Australia, they’re detailed and we give you a LOT of info. We go through the entire building process from start to finish, in a practical and professional TAFE style learning format (with CPD Points you may be able to claim). This is very different to a strawbale workshop where you’re working on someone’s actual home and only see one building method, and usually only see the straw wall raising or rendering independently.

What makes us different to other strawbale builders?

We design and build a whole home (not just run a workshop), which means you have a known, quality result for your entire home. That means you receive high quality finishes for a set priced contract and time frameYour home has a six-year guarantee and is built to current building standards and regulations.

What makes us different to other sustainable builders? 

The materials we use are natural, they’re not man-made ‘eco’ products. When ‘eco’ materials are made they can often be sourced from overseas and include glues and chemicals. Real sustainable homes are organic, they use less carbon than man-made processed materials and have incredible qualities such as they regulate the temperature and humidity inside your home and purify the air.

Our Straw Bale & Earth Building Courses are Like No Other

  • You’ll learn from qualified teachers certified in Cert IV Training and Assessing
  • As builders of whole homes, learn what to do and what not to do
  • Learn the whole build from choosing your land and house design, various options for foundations, to the strawbale walls (showing the pros and cons of load bearing vs infill), rendering and maintenance.
  • What makes a good strawbale design, and what makes a house cheaper or more expensive to build.
  • Learn the best practise building techniques for meeting Australian, State and Local legislation including wet areas, termites, foundations, roof styles, where to put insulation versus thermal mass, how cross ventilation works, and how to get the best solar passive designed home for your particular site. Make a good render, we’ve seen too many problems, it’s easy once you know.
  • Learn the theory in the morning and put into practise in the afternoons.
  • Workshops just don’t cover any of this in detail

Natural materials we build with: Light straw, rammed earth, cob, poured earth, wattle and daub, earthen floors, green roofs, stone, mud brick, hempcrete, pressed earth bricks, clay renders, lime renders, gypsum renders, recycled materials and timber (traditional timber frames, reclaimed, local, sustainable, FSC), and more.

As long as it’s healthy, natural, energy efficient and meets your budget, we work with it.

Inspiring Ideas Strawbale & Earth Homes

‘We’ve been building for over twenty years now. We work on quality, what clients want and innovation so more people can live in a healthy home. We’ve built over 60 strawbale and earth homes, and worked on hundreds in total. We love creating beautiful, natural homes which we’re proud of, for a set price upfront so that our clients know what they’re getting.’

Sam Vivers, Director (Qualified Builder, Supervisor & Trainer)